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I am Anagh Sharma, a Designer and Creative born and currently based in New Delhi, India. I have been doing Digital Product Design from last couple of years with a strong focus on making. Since then I have successfully designed, built and published several products including mobile apps and websites.

I have always believed in the idea of making which powers me to bring my ideas to life. There have been many products in which I have worked from the nascent stage until the release day which resulted in kick-ass products. Those products have been loved by millions of people and have been featured by Microsoft, Nokia, Gizmodo and many more internet media.

I am always ready and eager to solve problems that I encounter everyday be it detecting the colour and hence the type of bus (AC/Non AC) in the dark or letting people know the probability of a crime at their locations at a given time. If you are trying to solve our day-to-day problems and want a helping hand, reach out to me at -

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