The Design Room

Hello from The Design Room

The Design Room is the place where I experiment with designing things. The fun part is that when you are experimenting you do not have to put constraints on your process, the timeline and the deliverables. The objective of starting a project like this was to enhance my visual design skills. I have been receiving a lot of response on Instagram lately and have been looking to improve this project since then.

Untitled 1 Project

Music can be our biggest inspiration. This project is all about the wonderful and alluring lyrics. With every image, I try to visualise what is in the words.

Cedarwood Road
Adventures of a Lifetime
Song for Someone
Rap God
Every Tear is a Waterfall
Scars to Your Beautiful
Love the Way You Lie
Untitled 2 Project

Tried my hands at a publication campaign to raise money for global disaster relief. The theme was - “The Spirit of making our world a better place” - in wake of all the calamities humanity faced in 2017.

Carol - Illustrations

Illustrations for different UI states in Carol - a minimal and beautiful lyrics app for macOS. Since the theme of app is dark, the challenge was to create a consistent style for the illustrations.

No music playing
No music app running
Playing two songs at a time
Lyrics not found
No internet connection
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