Uber Infographics

Why ridesharing is efficient?

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This project was done as part of a hypothetical project for Uber design assignment. The objective was to create an infographics from scratch demonstrating the pros of ride sharing in a city like New Delhi.




The problem statement aligns with the fact that a car remains unused for most of the time of the day and even when used only one person uses it.

10 million cars in Delhi are used ineffectively.

  1. The car is unused for 23 hours each day.
  2. Average car occupancy is only 1.2 persons.
  3. 70% of households in Delhi have 2 or more cars.
  4. If more people travel together, only 1/3rd of the current number of cars is needed.


I hadn't done any infographics project before this. To make sure that the infographics resonates with the brand Uber, I decided to go through each and every brand guideline that was publically available at brand.uber.com. I also explored their newsroom page and twitter profile to get the hint of artworks that they use.

Visual Design

I came up with this solution at third iteration. In the first two iterations, I was trying to focus more on the visualisation through cars. I wasn't going anywhere with that solution since those elements were distracting from the data.

Uber Infographics Part 1 Uber Infographics Part 2 Uber Infographics Complete

This was my first infographics project so the entire experience was pretty much new to me. Right now, some icons do not represent unique entity(s) e.g. keys. What I think I could have done better with the artwork is the use of icons and the associated information.

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